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Best Way to Promote Your Brand

Collaborate with passionate creators with diverse talents to create marketing content that best expresses your brand's identity and product excellence.

CNP Digital presents online viral marketing methods in various global markets, focusing on the growing Chinese online content market.​

Looking for content marketing solution that fits your brand?

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Can't get the payment from the Chinese platform without a Chinese public ID card and a bank account

Need understanding about Chinese in order to register for Chinese platform (English/Korean not supported)

Existing videos also need additional editing such as translation, subtitles and dubs in local language

Individual creators have limitations in communicating directly with each platform in China or expanding their businesses

Business infrastructure such as sponsors or brands are needed to enter e-commerce and live commerce in Chinese market

01 Payment

02 Language

03 Edit

04 Relation

05 Revenue

How to Resolve

CNP Digital responds to issues related to settlement and payment without complicated administrative procedures

CNP Digital helps to register for Chinese platform and manage account; don't need to study Chinese or use translator!

CNP Digital helps to edit videos to local trends and needs, and post content according to optimized schedules

CNP connects with partners such as Bytedance interested in Korean creators through relationships with each platform

CNP connects local advertisers and brands for promotion, manages schedule, and secures channel exposure

How to resolve the difficulties

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